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You want to add your business to Google Maps but aren’t sure how to get it done? Having your business on Google Maps is incredibly important nowadays as most folks use this function to find out about new businesses. Taking the time to get this right matters. The following guide will help you add your business to Google Maps.


Google Maps, which was called Google Places not too long ago, is a part of every company’s Google dashboard. Every business owner should strive to be a part of Google.


There’s so much that the company can offer if you’re trying to improve your online presence. Being able to track your online presence means you’ll be able to track your performance on all major Google platforms like Google My Business, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. You can see all of these platforms as well as Google Maps when you go to your Google my Business dashboard.


Familiarise yourself with the dashboard and all the functions. Once you feel ready, you can get your listing ready. Remember that you can only register your business in the area it is located. You won’t be able to set your business up in other areas just to get more people to see your business. Google knows where you are. If a person is looking for your type of business, they’ll see it if they’re willing to drive a little further.


Getting Into Claiming or Adding Your Business to Google Maps


Some businesses, especially established businesses, are usually already on Google My Business.

Yes, Google might know that you exist. In this case, you don’t have to worry about how to add business to Google Maps. All you have to do is claim your business. If you just opened your business or this is a new building altogether, then you’ll probably have to learn how to add your business to Google Maps.


Follow the steps below to get this done:


  1. Get to Google My Business

The first thing you want to do is go to the Google My Business dashboard. You’ll see the “Get on Google” button. Click on that button.


  1. Start the Search

You should see a search box after clicking the “Get on Google” button. The next thing you want to do is enter your business’ name along with your address.


  1. Find Your Business

Google should suggest your business to you as you may see it within the suggested matches. If this doesn’t happen, then that means Google doesn’t know about your business. You’ll want to select “Add Your Business.” Then, just provide the information that’s required to add your business.

You want to figure out how you want your business’ name, address, and phone number to appear. This is important because this is how it’s going to appear throughout the internet. Pay close attention to things like the address. Do you want to spell out the word street or abbreviate it?

It’s in your best interest to answer each question Google asks as accurately as possible. The more Google knows about your business, the better it’ll be at suggesting it to potential customers. For example, when you get to the Categories section, try your best to answer this as accurately as you can. You are going to be given up to five categories to associate your business with.


  1. Verification

The next thing you’re going to have to do is verify your business. Google wants to make sure you are where you say you are. This means they’ll be sending your business a postcard.

You are going to find a verification PIN in that postcard that you can use to verify your business. You’re going to have to be patient with this part since it can take up to two weeks to get the postcard.

Sometimes, Google allows you to get the PIN via text or through a call. If you’re given this opportunity, take it because it’s faster.


  1. Confirm Your Business

Once you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, it’s important to confirm the information is showing up on Google Maps. 

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