We specialize in organizing professional events at all levels because we understand the impact that a well-planned, one-time event can have on a client’s image and satisfaction. Here at we love to build our clients’ dreams. They come to us with an idea for an event that we turn into a reality. We take pride in creating these professional events and seeing our clients & their guests having so much fun. 

Our roots as an agency were grown from an event management company where we realized how much the success of an event depends on its organization and the marketing to promote it. As we have been organizing music and stand-up comedy events for years, we have the best performers around. Together with them and our marketing, we have the ability to make venues with lack of resources become full and profitable. We organize our events in bars, restaurants, rooftops, hotels. We take full charge of organization from sound, to performance and the marketing campaigns to promote the events. No event is too large for us. 

Reginald D. Hunter Live Stand-up in Barcelona-show
Professional Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Reginald D. Hunter

A Magical Cocktail Evening at The Wittmore Hotel

Magical Cocktail Evening

Rich Hall Live Stand-up in Barcelona-show
Professional Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona

Rich Hall

Jim Gaffigan Pale Tourist Spanish Tour 2020-event
Professional Stand-up Comedy in Barcelona


Levi’s Live Band Karaoke

Levi's Live Band Karaoke

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