A Magical Cocktail Evening at The Wittmore Hotel-

IVY Business Circle and Stanford Alumni

A crowdful of the city’s top professionals, an outfit selection worthy of the Beckhams’, signature cocktails, and even a magician all united to celebrate the first official event held by in collaboration with BCN Metropolitan Ivy Business Circle Barcelona & Stanford Alumni in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

The evening was a perfect reflection of our values and the attributes we want to promote: collaboration, professionalism, networking, multiculturalism, internationalism. These are qualities we ensure to keep in our event management services.

A dashing event, elegantly tailored by our born-host Anja, provided for executives & academics of diverse nationalities & industries to blend in enriching conversation and networking, all while immersed in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere embraced by the Boho-chic designer walls.

To accompany this special occasion, we concocted a selection of thematic cocktails specially crafted for our celebration to represent the attractions displayed in the evening.

The guests enjoyed an intimate performance of live music by none other than our Liam Cloud, and stupendous entertainment by the great magician and mentalist James Fabulous, who swayed through the crowd showcasing his astounding talent. his very own mind blowing tricks, for instance guessing and carving the portrait of any celebrity you think of, just by reading your thoughts.

After starting with card magic, combining sleight of hand and misdirection, James has now moved to the field of mind reading; figuring out people’s star signs, their date of birth, the name of friend they are thinking of, pin codes to their phones, even unlocking people’s phones with his own thumbprint! His charismatic performance style, combining magic, psychology, and mind-reading skills belay a long passion and love for the art. One that often achieves states of wonder for participants.

The celebration was not mere joy and enjoyment; Victor Horcasitas, president of the American Society of Barcelona, dedicated a moment to advocate the Donation & Transplantation Institute cause and to announce his fundraiser for it. It is an institution we also are proud to support.

The celebration went on with handshakes, cheers, and personal card exchanges. Managers, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs were able to meet & share experiences between the alumni’s diverse community & the Metropolitan Magazine team.

It was an evening that allowed us to witness the beginning of valuable relations, distinguished discussions & the achievement of our objectives, while having a pleasant time with colleagues, immersed in the magic and sophistication of the Wittmore.

We are proud to be part of the community we have created with BCN Metropolitan and the Ivy Business Circle Barcelona & Stanford Alumni. It was an honor.

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