Branded Keywords: Why They Matter and How to Track Them

Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere soon, but the use of branded keywords can be positive for the future of your business. Branded keywords are not a part of your SEO marketing because your brand will show up in a prime spot whenever your name is searched for. However, the use of branded keywords [...]

Do Instagram Pods Work?

Marketing hacks that claim to work in a snap are usually misleading. Boosting your Instagram engagement is a science that doesn't usually involve getting millions of followers easily. Everyone seems to be talking about these Instagram pods that work like magic. We'll dive into just what they do and if they work.   Instagram Pods [...]

Online Shopping And The Importance Of Caring As A Brand

Social media has created a platform for many things. Not only has it connected people through art, music, and fashion, but also through business. The act of selling items directly through social media is known as social commerce, and many people across the world have immensely adopted it. The whole shopping experience from research and [...]

19 Social Media KPIs that Really Matter and How to Measure Them

What is a KPI? A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator. Social media KPIs are used to gauge the impact of a brand's social media presence. The following information is on how to measure social media KPIs using tools or equations.   Our list of the 19 social media KPIs that really matter:   Brand [...]

Guide to Performance-Based Influencer Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing only meant fighting over space for promotions on television and radio or displaying advertisements on hoardings. The high cost of traditional advertising has seen a significant need for businesses to find new ways to attract more traffic. The marketing journey has evolved into numerous effective and efficient ways brought [...]

How to Prepare for the New Black Friday Marketing

Shopping on Black Friday used to be a harrowing experience. Individuals brave enough to enter the chaos could find themselves with a great deal and a black eye. Some laughed these infamous stories off as a rite of passage, while others decided that a marked down TV just wasn't worth it.   With more consumers [...]

The Best Apps For Instagram Stories Ranking

Creating Instagram stories can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t have experience. It requires dedication, creativity, and energy. But with the right application, you can reduce the amount of time and hustle significantly. Start by finding the best apps for Instagram stories. Considering the fact that Instagram Stories comprise over 500,000 million users, you [...]

Top 10 Sentiment Analysis Tools for Your Brand’s Social Media Success

Social media analytics tools play a key role in monitoring your brand’s success as they show you the strategies that are performing well and those that aren’t. The tools also help you track consumer sentiment and use the collected data to build a more effective marketing strategy. This article will discuss some of the best [...]

Top 5 Best Instagram Growth Services

As a business owner, you may have launched different social media pages, including Instagram. To enhance your brand's growth, you are supposed to ensure your Instagram page has many followers. You may now ask yourself, what is the best Instagram growth service?   The best Instagram growth services include:   GOSO: GOSO is regarded as [...]

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