How Do NFTs Gain Value?

How Do NFTs Gain Value? NFT What is the Value of NFTs?   NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, can be worth millions of dollars. But why? But how does an NFT, a digital asset, gain value? Why are some NFTs useless while others gain value quickly over time? It'll lower the chance that you end up [...]

How to Create a NFT Smart Contract?

How to Create a NFT Smart Contract? NFT Main Learning Points Smart contracts are an integral part of the blockchain space for many use cases. NFT smart contracts, in particular, are increasingly important as Web3 and the metaverse attract more attention. This is a quick overview of NFT smart contracts. How do they work?   [...]


What Is An Nft for Dummies? NFT Every so often, an acronym (say, PPE) pops up and is suddenly seemingly everywhere. The latest is NFT, which stands for something that isn't any clearer: non-fungible token. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty below, but here’s an example: A group of financial traders called Injective Protocol put down [...]

How to Make a Successful YouTube Channel in 7 Steps

Have you ever stumbled upon a successful Youtube channel and wondered how it became so popular? It might seem like only creative genius or a stroke of luck could land a Youtuber hundreds of thousands of followers. In reality, however, there’s plenty that you can do to create a popular channel. While there’s no magic [...]

Ultimate Guide for Social Media Video

One of the main components that quickly promote brand visibility is video marketing. People love visuals. They easily get attracted and also understand the content faster and better. Here's what to do to master what it takes to run a successful social media video marketing campaign.   Define Your Video Marketing Goals Whether you’re starting [...]

How to Use LinkedIn Story for Your Professional Profile

Are you ready to use LinkedIn story to revolutionize your LinkedIn marketing results? The new Stories platform has the ability to help you push your content into the news feeds of your followers. Let’s explore what LinkedIn Story is and specific strategies for using it to benefit your business.   What Is LinkedIn Story? The [...]

Top Instagram Updates 2020

Instagram has been on a roll this year with new updates and features. The platform has rolled out various features to increase engagement among its community and provide businesses with new ways to connect with their customers. Here's a rundown of all the top Instagram features and updates that have happened on the platform in [...]

The Future of TikTok and Shopify!

Tik Tok is becoming more and more popular every single day and not just with Generation Z. This is because Tik tok has continued to come out with different shopping features, which includes a new partnership with Shopify. Many different e-commerce brands are also starting to recognize Tik Tok shopping potential.   But Is Tik [...]

Ultimate LinkedIn Analytics Guide

LinkedIn is a social media network and employment-oriented service that is centered around professional networking, career building, and job postings. However, as it gained popularity, it evolved from being used by job seekers looking to connect with employers to being used by businesses for marketing. For any marketing effort directed towards businesses, the usage of [...]

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