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Have you ever stumbled upon a successful Youtube channel and wondered how it became so popular? It might seem like only creative genius or a stroke of luck could land a Youtuber hundreds of thousands of followers. In reality, however, there’s plenty that you can do to create a popular channel. While there’s no magic formula that guarantees a million subscribers, there is a definite strategy that has been proven to bring results.


Here’s the seven steps to follow in order to create a successful Youtube channel.


Decide On A Certain Type of Content

The best Youtube channels focus on a particular, narrow theme. You’re not going to acquire a massive following with a random mixture of content. Brainstorm ideas by considering what you’re most passionate about. Don’t pick something you’re completely ignorant of just because you think it might be popular. For your videos to be successful, they’ll have to be authentic. That means you’ll need a theme that matches your personality and interests.


Stock Up On Essential Equipment

If you’re hoping to compete with the best of the best on Youtube, then you’re going to need quality equipment. A cell phone camera or laptop webcam simply won’t cut it. You don’t need to convert your bedroom into a state-of-the-art studio, but certain items are absolute musts. Make sure you’ve got a quality camera, a decent microphone, and solid lighting. Otherwise, the amateurish feel of your video’s will doom your channel to obscurity.


Download Simple Software For Editing

You’re going to need some editing software in order to properly prepare your videos. Don’t feel the need to splurge on the highest-end programs out there. Even the cheaper software should give you the editing capabilities you need. The important thing is to master whatever program you end up with, so play around a bit before creating material for your channel.


Create Quality Videos

The most important aspect of a successful Youtube channel is, of course, the videos themselves. Take your time in getting everything ready, and then start shooting. Once the cameras are rolling, remember to relax and have some fun. The best Youtubers worry less about perfection and let their personalities shine.


Cut All Extraneous Footage

Once you’ve gotten to the editing process, make sure you cut any footage that isn’t up to your standards or doesn’t add any value to your content. When it comes to footage, less is often more. A few dull moments will cause viewers to give up on your videos. Make sure the content is quick and snappy, with all inessential bits excluded.


Post Your Videos While Employing SEO Strategies

When posting your videos, make sure you have search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Your titles and descriptions should contain the keywords that will help guide viewers to your channel. To perfect this aspect of your strategy, familiarize yourself with some basic SEO best practices.


Interact With Your Viewers

Once your channel is up and running, it’s essential that you connect with subscribers and viewers. A simple message or response to a comment will turn a passive viewer into an actively-engaged fan. Create social media pages related to your Youtube persona, and direct viewers to interact with you across a number of platforms. This will help build a community around your videos.


Creating a successful Youtube channel is all about proper planning and effective execution. Once you’ve got your channel up and running, keep the videos coming. Sooner or later, your channel will become a success.

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