Linkedin Analytics

LinkedIn is a social media network and employment-oriented service that is centered around professional networking, career building, and job postings. However, as it gained popularity, it evolved from being used by job seekers looking to connect with employers to being used by businesses for marketing. For any marketing effort directed towards businesses, the usage of LinkedIn Analytics is invaluable for collecting marketing data and garnering new leads in the B2B marketspace.


Types of Analytical Data on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Analytics can be divided into three parts: followers, company updates, and visitors. Each of those aspects provide important information on your audience and is crucial for any marketing effort in LinkedIn.

Followers refer to the demographic and numerical data about the people that subscribe to your page. Company updates refer to the amount and type of engagement on content that was posted to your LinkedIn page. Visitors refer to the data of people that visit your LinkedIn page.

Those three areas of data each collect different types of information for analysis and adds a perspective to business marketing efforts.




The follower section deals with demographic data which includes information like the industry that the follower is from, professional seniority, job function, company size, and whether the followers are employees or not. It shows the trends seen in the growth of followers, demographics of the audience that follows your page, and the total number of followers you have. Follower data can give you hints if you are doing something wrong or right in the content you are creating and if you are attracting your target audience. That information allows you to make the necessary changes to increase your follower count.


Company Updates


The company updates section tracks data such as followers gained, impressions, engagement, clicks, and interactions. It relates to the content you are creating for your company LinkedIn page like news postings, company achievements, and other things that your company is doing. To grow the influence that your company page has on your audience and to increase your follower count, you need to understand which content would bring in visitors and capture the audience with LinkedIn offering a wide variety of content options from text to videos to infographics. LinkedIn Analytics shows you the level of engagement that your content is bringing and which updates and content are working and are not working as well as the sort of actions you need to take to rectify any issues




The visitors section shows data like page views, visitor demographics, and unique views. The analytics gives data and provides analytics about people visiting your company page, but not the content of the page. To attract more visitors to your LinkedIn page requires more work to be put into the company page. Your company’s LinkedIn profile should have its company details completely filled out and shouldn’t be incomplete. As well as being active and engaging on LinkedIn, the profile should be promoted beyond LinkedIn onto other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Those actions can improve the SEO of your LinkedIn page and bring in visitors to your page.


LinkedIn Analytics is an essential and vital tool to use for anybody mounting a marketing effort on LinkedIn. Due to the differences of LinkedIn from other social media sites, there needs to be a different strategy used than the ones typically used for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bringing traffic to your LinkedIn page is crucial for engaging with your audience and B2B brands. For the digital marketplace, analytics and data is key to growing a successful business.

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