Levi's Live Band Karaoke


On the 4th of December, 2019, Levi’s Europe held an internal awards show that took place at the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB). The successful organization and communication between the organizers, CCIB, and ourselves resulted in a thrilling evening full of music, fun, and magic. Chris Rowan, our managing director was there in person to oversee the development of the event and ensure that everything go smoothly.

The entertainment we provided was our famous Live Band Karaoke with four of our best musicians. Oscar Martinez, Liam Cloud, Alex Lebron Torrent, and Franco (Kaku) Andres Genaro formed the lively band while our guests joined them onstage to sing. Their limitless talent made it possible to perfom any song the singers desired. We were also graced by the presence of our mystical magician, James Fabulous, who wowed us all as he ceaselessly does.

After starting with card magic, combining sleight of hand and misdirection, James has now moved to the field of mind reading; figuring out people’s star signs, their date of birth, the name of friend they are thinking of, pin codes to their phones, even unlocking people’s phones with his own thumbprint! His charismatic performance style, combining magic, psychology, and mind-reading skills belay a long passion and love for the art. One that often achieves states of wonder for participants.

The overall feedback for the event was excellent and everyone seemed to really have enjoyed themselves.

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