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Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere soon, but the use of branded keywords can be positive for the future of your business. Branded keywords are not a part of your SEO marketing because your brand will show up in a prime spot whenever your name is searched for. However, the use of branded keywords can be a tough one to track because of the issues you will see with misspellings and the use of hashtags for social media platforms. All is not lost when it comes to tracking keywords with several possibilities on the market to allow you to reach your marketing and keyword goals.


What are Branded Keywords?


This is one of the biggest misunderstandings faced by every entrepreneur in their business life. Any keyword search that contains your brand name is classed as branded and should lead to a number one ranking regardless of the search engine you are using for your search. Branding can occur in many different ways, including showing up in posts and questions on social media sites. When we think about the use of keywords on social media sites, we tend to look for hashtags, but not every user will choose to include hashtags in their posts.


The Problem with Keywords


Most companies think about their keywords being branded when they contain the brand name, but your customers may not think the same way. For this reason, the branding that is searched for by a major corporation, such as Amazon who may see their products tagged instead of their brand name. There are many areas where keywords can become branded, including misspellings of your name leading to missed opportunities to track the keywords your company is linked to. The misspellings you will see include the mixing of letters in your name that is closer to a typo than a fully misspelled word.


Mentions on Other Sites


Some areas offer different ways of tracking your brand in terms of the keywords used. In the last few years, SEO has moved to try and build the reputation of every company as an industry expert with the development of mentions on blogs and in articles across the Web. Your company may find it is mentioned in peer-reviewed articles when you have the skills to conduct research and introduce new technologies. COmpanies not looking to expand the technological spectrum can look for their mentions in news media and other parts of the mainstream media.


Keyword Audits


Branded keywords are a vital part of your marketing work because you should have the ability to understand where your search results are coming from. Are you being searched for using your brand name or are keywords an integral part of your search options. Keyword searches including your brand can be vital when you are looking to make sure return customers can find your company. A high number of those who are looking for your brand name to return and buy products for a second time.


Google and other companies are looking to work with your company to improve your understanding of analytics. The opening of your business account with each search engine will give you the chance to explore your rankings and make decisions about which keywords have been the most impressive. Branded keywords are just one part of your marketing and data tools to explore along with the searches that rank highest for you not carrying your branding.

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