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Marketing hacks that claim to work in a snap are usually misleading. Boosting your Instagram engagement is a science that doesn’t usually involve getting millions of followers easily. Everyone seems to be talking about these Instagram pods that work like magic. We’ll dive into just what they do and if they work.


Instagram Pods

You may not even know about the Instagram engagement pods. They work as a group, or pod, of users that come together helping each other boost their content. This is done through simple moves like comments, likes, and/or follows. It doesn’t matter how many people you have in your pod. You can have thousands of active users, or you can have 40. It’s really all about the actions of those users.


The Rules

Each pod has its own rules. The general guidelines are:

  • Respect the time users are allowed to share their content
  • Don’t use pods for personal conversations
  • Always comment and like other pod users’ posts


Why Use Instagram Pods?

Instagram recently changed its algorithm from showing browsers its content in chronological order to showing posts it thinks you’ll be interested in based on your scrolling behavior. Accounts with the highest engagement are always shown first. Many users find these changes tough to follow as they need to build engagement. This new algorithm doesn’t help them build their engagement as well. This is why pods are great for these people. They’re better able to generate engagement. The more likes and follows you get, the more your posts will be shown. Pods are an easy way to increase your overall numbers instead of paying for followers.


Small vs. Mass Pods

Smaller pods look a little more authentic than mass pods. Many require users to like and comment on a certain number of posts before they can post their own content. It’s a give and take relationship in the smaller podes. This will increase your likes and comment count, but not by a massive amount. These are usually simple to get into and make simple requirements about posting. They don’t want you to overpost, and they ask you to stay active in the group. The smaller groups are going to give your boosts a post, but you might not see a huge spike. The mass pods will give you a big boost of likes. The only problem is the numbers may seem fake to people browsing your page. Users might not truly look at your posts, but blindly like them. This means you might not get authentic business from a mass pod.


How To Join

You can find pods on different social media platforms. Facebook and Telegram as the most popular ways to find them. Some require an invitation to become a member. Reddit allows you to post asking for members. Instagram has pods that are often difficult to find because many users don’t want to admit they use pods to boost engagement.


Instagram pods are the answer for some brands, but might not be a great fit for others. They take action and a lot of work. If you can gain access to a niche pod that fits your brand, you’ll be in luck. The only thing to remember is you want to stay authentic. Big numbers don’t make you authentic. It’s your brand and your business that makes you successful. If you want to try an Instagram engagement pod, get started browsing for them today on Instagram, Reddit and Facebook.

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