sentiment analysis tools on social media

Social media analytics tools play a key role in monitoring your brand’s success as they show you the strategies that are performing well and those that aren’t. The tools also help you track consumer sentiment and use the collected data to build a more effective marketing strategy.

This article will discuss some of the best sentiment analysis tools on social media, the importance of sentiment analysis, and more.

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What’s Brand Success?


Brand success is a collection of performance reports representing a brand’s share of voice, reputation, and awareness. The report includes the views of customers on your organisation and their satisfaction.


Importance of Sentiment Analysis Tools on Social Media


Companies use sentiment analysis to measure customer insights towards their campaigns, products, and brand. Analysing sentiment is crucial because it provides consumer opinions that can:


  • Improve marketing campaigns and customer experience
  • Determine future marketing tactics
  • Identify influencers
  • Generate leads
  • Test brand KPIs


Top apps & Tools to Measure Brand Success:


Brand success can be measured using social media, questionnaires, and forums. Although social networks provide in-depth information, they won’t suit some organisations. Besides, there’s no need to use social media reputation if your audience doesn’t use social networks.


Since brand success is a collection of data, you need to use several tools to have a clear understanding of your brand’s performance, including:



Hootsuite is a platform that focuses on team management. However, it also reveals your brand’s trends and sentiments. You can also filter this data by gender, language, and location.




Mention is a social media monitoring app that monitors brand mentions on forums, news sites, the web, social networks, and blogs. The app sorts mentions into neutral, negative, and positive to make measuring your organization’s reputation easy.




Clarabridge offers sentiment analysis and takes into account niche, grammar, source, and context. The data mining tool also provides customer experience management.




Like other sentiment analysis tools on social media, RapidMiner utilizes machine learning to reveal trending topics. The tool also performs analysis and can be used by data scientists to analyze information.




Awario is an excellent analysis and monitoring tool. It covers major news sites, forums, social media networks, the web, and blogs. It also has an integrated sentiment analysis feature that sorts mentions into neutral, negative, and positive. Additionally, you get to see the most mentioned topics.


Social Searcher


Social Searcher monitors the web and mentions. It also conducts sentiment analysis for all the mentions it finds while monitoring both major and small social media platforms.




Brandwatch shows trends, analyses brand sentiment, and has an excellent “image insights” feature that identifies images related to your business the same way you associate topics with your business name. So, when you upload your organization’s logo, the tool finds photos with your logo on the internet.


Tweet Sentiment Visualization


Tweet Sentiment Visualization is an app for Twitter. Since there are many brand mentions in tweets and most Tweeter users follow different brands, the data collected can give you insights into your brand’s reputation on social media.




Lexalytics analyzes different types of data and works with social reviews, surveys, and comments. The tool also conducts intention detection, theme extraction, and categorization to help users understand their brand’s performance.




Talkwalker has the best sentiment analysis technology as it can detect negative mentions and sarcasm. It also monitors customer satisfaction trends, enabling you to know what your customers like about your products and what they don’t like.


To Wrap Up

Sentiment analysis can help you gather data to create an effective marketing strategy and build a successful brand. Use any of the sentiment analysis tools on social media above to monitor your customers’ opinions and prevent problems from becoming a crisis.
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