black friday marketing

Shopping on Black Friday used to be a harrowing experience. Individuals brave enough to enter the chaos could find themselves with a great deal and a black eye. Some laughed these infamous stories off as a rite of passage, while others decided that a marked down TV just wasn’t worth it.


With more consumers gravitating towards the internet and brick and mortar stores wanting to curb the madness, Black Friday marketing has also evolved in order to account for the ever-changing tides. If this is your first Black Friday in a while or just your first, things are a bit different. Here’s a guide to help you get ready for Black Friday and possibly better your chances at securing that great deal!


How to Prepare a New Black Friday Marketing Campaign


Know What You’re Looking For

This goes without saying but it’s important to know what you’re looking for. It’s not enough just to know the name of the game your son or husband wants, you must also know the system. Some Black Friday marketing can be very vague and misleading with what you’re actually getting, all in an attempt to get your money. Before you start shopping, make sure you have all the details on what you’re looking for.


Do Your Research

With Black Friday marketing, a lot of companies like to take advantage of consumer’s frantic need to find a great deal and offer up what looks like a steal. An item you may have your eye on may pop up early in your search, causing you to make an early purchase. It’s important to shop around for whatever it is you’re looking for, because some stores overprice things. That enticing 50% off looks good, but may only bring the price down to what their competitors already sell it for.


Plan Ahead

You’ve double-checked and triple checked that you’ve got the correct names and versions of the products you’re buying. You’ve compared all the deals and have narrowed down the ones that are legit. Now it’s time to set a game plan. In store or online? Computer or cell phone? With the increase in online shopping, some retailers have Black Friday marketing that advertises Black Friday deals for the entire week! It’s important to be aware of these things for it can save you a lot of time and headaches.


Sweat the Details

You’ve been busting your tail all year long to partake of this exciting shopping day, just for a retailer to NOT honor an advertised discount? Make sure you read the fine print of any deals you’re getting on Black Friday. Mistakes can happen, as well as shady dealings.


That’s a quick guide to braving the new Black Friday. Long gone are the days when one would have to undergo a year’s worth of MMA training just to guarantee retrieval of a Keurig. While technology and Covid-19 have seemingly pushed people further and further apart, you can still enjoy a great day of shopping, deals and family from the comfort of your home, car or even while your hiding out in the bathroom at work. Happy shopping!

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