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As we can see, the platform is constantly making changes and updates to improve the available services and to maintain dominance in the Social Media market. Even if we think that Facebook is being displaced by other platforms like TikTok or Instagram, recent studies reveal that Facebook Ads campaigns are still effective and successful. This proves that the platform still has a lot of potential.


Here are some of the latest changes & updates to Facebook:


1) Transferring Facebook Videos and Photos to Dropbox

Facebook has made numerous changes with the intention of improving the available services including safely facilitating data transfers. Videos and images can now be transported to Dropbox and Koofr with a data portability tool.


2) Facebook Messenger Forwarding Limit

A limit of five has been placed on message forwards through Facebook Messenger to fight spam and stop misinformation.


3) Facebook Campus

The Facebook app has a new section called Facebook Campus to enable students to digitally connect with broadened demographics through study groups and clubs. Information including hometowns, classes and majors can be added.


4) Watch Together

Watch Together is a new chat feature for Messenger enabling Android and iOS to stream videos. Testing is now possible for interactive screenings and viewing parties.


5) Facebook Business Suite

One of the changes to Facebook is called the Business Suite. This interface enables business owners to manage social media profiles in the same location.


6) Improved Safety

Facebook groups now enjoy improved safety to prevent hate speech. Repeat offenders are unable to create new groups, groups lacking an admin are archived, health group recommendations are eliminated, and the policy for community standards includes violence and potential violence.


7) Diverse Business Categories

New diverse labels enable the identification of business pages in numerous ways including black-owned. The business must be a minimum of 51 percent owned, controlled and operated by one or more individuals from a specific diversity category.


8) Facebook Portal

Home conferencing apps will include new relevance for COVID-19 including remotes, live streams and facilitating meetings. Business video conferencing apps will be added and available through several sources.


9) Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Changes to Facebook include taking over direct messages through Instagram for certain users. The Instagram icon will be replaced by FB Messenger. Cross-communication between Facebook and Instagram is now possible.


10) Music Videos

Facebook Watch now includes a Music button for official music videos, themed playlists and exclusive premieres. Users can comment, share and react throughout the site.


11) Redesigned Ad Preferences

Ad preferences will be divided into Data, Ad Topics and Advertisers for more control and transparency. Users can change the information available to advertisers and hide specific advertisers and information.


12) Messenger Emoji Upgrades

Emojis now offer a sleeker new look with more animated accents. The new emojis are cuter and include the entire set.


13) Messenger App Lock

App Lock will offer additional security with face or fingerprint authentication. This ensures messages are kept private for both iOS and Android users.


14) Screen Sharing for the Messenger Mobile App

Current changes to Facebook include the Share Your Screen option. Online stores can be browsed together, photographs enjoyed and recipe options shared.


15) Expanded Streaming Subscriptions for Gamers

Gamers can be supported with donations and tips during live-streaming including ad breaks. All streamers viewing 250 viewers weekly can register to access the program and features.


16) Collections Features

Collection features can be archived for posts, pages, photos and links. Businesses in the U.S. have access to sharing functionality enabling public lists and partnership opportunities.


17) CatchUp

Group calls can be placed for a maximum of 8 people to make keeping in touch easier. This is a voice-only feature similar to messenger rooms.


18) Desktop Messenger

One of the best changes to Facebook is a desktop messenger. Desktops can be used for videos and group chats by installing the app for Facebook Messenger.


19) Quiet Mode

Quiet Mode for mobiles and browsers silences all notifications to improve concentration for Facebook users.


20) Improved Live Streaming Accessibility

The audio-only live mode format is ideal for individuals with auditory disabilities or using screen readers due to automatic captioning. Users can now easily follow the content.


21) Facebook Updates

New aesthetic changes included a more minimalistic and cleaner design and switching between dark and all-white mode. The redesign of group tabs makes finding new groups easier.


What do you think of the latest changes to Facebook? Do you think it will be able to maintain its dominance on social media??

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