PR agencies and digital marketers: how are you staying afloat?

Brands can be divided in different categories right now, and not necessarily defined by the industry they are in, but by the attitude and strategy they have adopted to continue with their activities.

Some decided to go under the sheets, waiting for the storm to pass. We have seen this in every previous crisis: cut on investments, hibernation of projects, cancellation of contracts, and underrated offers.
Several industries keep on moving, loyal to their methods and traditions; they keep active and follow the same pace and attitude from their very beginnings, with no or little results measurement. They prioritize their traditional industry and clientele.

But other companies have decided to take it over. Understanding that continuing with everyday actions but communicated in a different way, is the solution to keep the ball rolling, staying alive, and in some cases: optimize positioning. Staying active yet heedful, interacting with other industries and carefully stepping into new channels and media.


How are we shifting our strategy to get through?

Following this later tendency, and after careful thinking, we decided to establish priorities and divide tasks among the team. We did the necessary cuts, putting on hold activities that could not bring any kind of revenue, saved what could be saved, and made a redistribution of the global budget.

Our company’s shifted resources were mostly moved into promotion. We significantly increased our paid media and advertising budget. Getting the ball rolling is primary in times of recession. Taking action to revive the economy from the very beginning of a crisis, to ensure positioning, following the examples of airlines.

Because we consider client loyalty as priority, we immediately contacted the clients one by one and arranged calls with myself, the Managing Director. By this, we not only showed our concern and action (we are still going), but also allowed us to understand the situation of each company individually to ensure campaign’s real-time optimization and provide effective alternatives, even out of our core business.

We offered split payments and other facilities to the most affected clients.
Offering online content was one of the initiatives adopted that probably arrived to stay from now on. We took up the creation of a weekly summit on different aspects and techniques to help other businesses and entrepreneurs take on their activities.


Regarding PR…

In the department of events & media, the solution was shifting towards collaborations and news investigation. We connected with bigger companies, being aware of the fact that some of them had to get rid of up to 60% of their staff, we offered deals to take the extra work they were forced to let go momentarily or permanently.


How are we staying afloat?

To keep our income steady, we relaunched and promoted our existing affiliate program, considering the amount of population that had lost their job or had their salaries reduced. This program requires low investment from both sides and has shown positive results in the short term, increasing in number of affiliates in up to 30%.

Client pitching may have decreased, yet has not stopped by any means. On the contrary, we continuously make deals for the market’s reopening, including diversification for affected companies. One of the main clients representing the biggest incomes to the company is a music & show pub, thus directly affected by lockdown. In this case, all we could do was support with our knowledge and help them with the promotion of their Instagram-live shows.
We must keep the global economy moving as much as the local, from home.

We may not know how the social situation will evolve, but we are sure that our company will break through the crisis, probably quite diversified but definitely with a wider vision, and well connected into the local and international community.

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