Instagram engagement

In today’s day and age, people do most of their social interaction via an app on their phone. Whether it’s a teenage girl keeping up with her favourite influencer or a grassroots business trying to grow their brand, millions of people rely on Instagram to engage with the world around them.


If you’re someone that wants to expand their Instagram page, how would you go about it? Most people think spamming content is the holy grail of growth. Others may think that pulling out their credit card and buying ‘likes’ and interaction is the key. But is there another tactic that you can use to see insane engagement on your page?


Understanding Analytics


One of the core components of growing an Instagram page is keeping your eyes on follower analytics like a hawk. Third-party software and internal analytics tools are given to you by Instagram as a way of understanding who’s following you.


When you begin to study the metrics that this software provides, you can start tailoring your posts to appease your audience. Are most of your followers male and live in Italy? Perhaps making regional posts that these individuals will understand will help capture their attention. Moreover, do you see Instagram engagement from teenage males in North America on your page? Creating engaging content centered around the gaming niche may expand your outreach and follower interaction.


Although these are simple ideas that you can implement, you start to see how massive brands experience organic growth. Give the people what they want, and they will tell their friends about you.


Focus on What Works; Disregard the Rest


Another mistake that we see pages make is their inability to double-down on posts that have the most interaction and engagement. Have you noticed that specific posts on your profile have massive success, while others get ignored completely?


Dive into the specific details of this post, such as the hashtags you used, the tags that you implemented, the context of the content and the people involved. You may also notice that your posts have better engagement when you deliver them at a specific time throughout the day. When people have time to unwind and relax, they’re more likely to browse social media. When you begin to draw a correlation from content to interaction ratio, double down on these metrics, and your Instagram will explode.


Incorporate Follower Content


If you want overflowing Instagram engagement, you have to get the community involved. One way to make this possible is to encourage your followers to use hashtags on their posts that are related to your business or service.


When a random person happens to come across this post, they will see the hashtag and explore the underlying meaning. When they follow the rabbit hole on that post, they’ll come to your page and see what you have to offer. This approach is highly under-utilised, but a powerful means of growing your Instagram presence.


Maintain a Personal Connection With Your Dedicated Followers


One of the biggest mistakes that we commonly see when brands try to build their Instagram engagement is their lack of connection with their followers. In the beginning, business owners and social-media management reaches out and replies to every comment they get on their content. When they become successful, and the engagement starts to increase, not so much.


Don’t follow this trend. We encourage you to connect with your community and realise that behind every avatar and reply is a real-life, breathing person. When you focus on the relationship you have with followers, success will grow tenfold.

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