Are you interested in using Instagram to grow your eCommerce business bigger? Use the following tips to use IG as a major marketing tool and aid your company with influencer marketing.


Use an IG Business Account

Make sure you’ve switched your personal account over to a business account. Instagram has made it easy to bring contact info over from Facebook onto your business account. All your shoppable links remain intact. This is the platform’s initiative to help grow brands and is the first step toward increasing your Instagram following.


Use Marketing Tools to Help Your IG Campaign

Yotpo allows you to use a single image in order to connect multiple products. You need to showcase all your products and create the appearance of a full clickable storefront when using IG. Using Yotpo, your bio link let’s customers visit a store.
Hashtags are an important tool for IG marketing platform success and Inselly makes this easy. It’s similar to the storefront link technique but includes the use of the #Inselly hashtag, a feature included when using their software. The result is that you now provide your Instagram following with products marked as buyable items.


Make Your Images Visually Appealing

Your Instagram plan needs to include the use of attractive images and providing a fantastic visual experience for users. Recommended image sizes on the platform are 1080 x 1080 pixels. Caption characters are capped at 2200.
Use your domain name as a watermark on your images in order to increase traffic. It’s a softer approach to driving sales because customers see where to buy without a direct call-to-action. IG crops images into a square. Place your watermark accordingly.


Highlight User-Generated Content

Why don’t you showcase customers by encouraging them to create content for your company’s use? They can share photos showing how they’re using your products. Ask them for permission to repost this content on your channel. This is a form of referral marketing and makes other users excited to buy your products.


Increase Reach Via Hashtags

Successful marketing isn’t only about posting photos on your account. You must include hashtags with each post in order to drive more traffic and reach. IG uses hashtags to group your posts into relevant categories so more targeted users see your content.


Use Reviews From Influencers

Influencer marketing is effective at driving eCommerce business sales on Instagram. IG has a wealth of creators to select from. You will have no problems finding an authority figure in your niche. Influencers can grow brands because their followers hang on everything they say and promote.


Have Authority Figures Share Your Promo Codes

As you begin partnering with powerful influencers and they share your brand across their platforms, ask them to give their followers access to your promo codes. Their audience engagement rates will rise and your eCommerce storefront will profit from the increase in sales.


Use Advertising on IG

Your business has an opportunity to leverage the Instagram advertising platform for more access to customers. Here are some facts about IG advertising:

  • IG has been shown to provide advertisers an ad recall rate that is almost 3 times higher than other social platforms.
  • Your prospects will remember your ads longer.
  • Branded content gets more engagement today on IG than on Twitter or Facebook.
  • IG has a longer average duration of visits than Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


Run Contests

Giveaways and contests get more discount coupons into the hands of your followers and will increase store conversions. Your engagement rates will improve as well.


Use these tips to better understand how to use the IG marketing platform to drive eCommerce sales. Instagram has the potential to give you far better results with your next advertising campaign.

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