Search engine optimization and social media are inseparable. They are both vital platforms from which you can draw the immense attention required to grow your business. SEO is a very cost-effective method to attract more traffic to your site. Through social media, as a thoughtful leader, you can create more brand awareness and build loyalty to your business. Both social media and SEO can be used together to grow your business. Although they may seem to differ, there is no doubt they complement each other. While Google still maintains that social media signals do not in any way affect rankings, it is evident that social media can be used to improve SEO.


How Social Media Impacts SEO:


Improving Content Reach

Through social media, you can maximize the number of people that your content reaches. SEO cannot be relied upon to improve your content reach because people only discover your content after searching relevant keywords on search engines. A greater content reach means that you get high-quality traffic, which translates to better rankings on search engines. Social media is a great tool to push your content to a target audience.


Driving Traffic

Among the significant factors that influence rankings is traffic. Social media improves visibility of your content and therefore affects the traffic of your site. You will get more people visiting your website after running into your content on social media platforms. As a business, it would be wise to gather and apply insights on how to boost visibility on social media and have your content get more exposure. By establishing who your target audience is, you can then devise the best strategies for using social media to increase your online presence. This can be done through:

  • Asking employees to customize their profiles on LinkedIn
  • Adding your twitter handles to your business cards
  • Using hashtags on posts
  • Create social media profiles direct links to your blog
  • Requesting your employees to share
  • Use different networks to promote your various social media profiles


Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

Equipped with robust search functionalities, social media platforms can act as search engines of their kind. People may not only use search engines to find you. Others may discover your business by searching on social media platforms. It is, therefore, paramount to optimise your social media profiles and content with relevant keywords. There are tons of tools like SpyFu, which can be used to find out the keywords optimized by your competitors and which of them are ranking. This can significantly boost your visibility on social media and get more exposure.


Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Results

Social media profiles rank on branded search results. When people search for company names, it is not only their websites that line up on the search results. Social media profiles are prominently visible. If you optimise your social media profiles with keywords, you significantly improve your visibility on search results. You can also push away competitors in the search result pages by ensuring your social media profiles are included.


Among the best strategies for using social media to boost your SEO include:

  • Increasing Positive Mentions on Social Media

    The number of mentions and their nature (positive or negative) could have a direct impact on your rankings. This can be achieved by building a sizable and authentic fan base online.

  • Creation of Link Opportunities to Your Content

    the major takeaway here is to initiate and track social promotion of your content.

  • Fostering Relationships and Building Partnerships

    this can benefit you in several ways. By building relationships with online brand fans, you get more positive mentions. You can also foster a healthy relationship with influencers. It is more advisable to focus on ‘organic’ influencers rather than paid influencers. These are the people to help in reaching your target audience.

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