Our employees are one of our best qualities. We are a medium, closely-knit team, that is enthusiastic and motivated in what we do. Coming to work puts us all in a good mood and this propels, inspires, and motivates us.

We merge our international knowledge with our technical capabilities and that’s how we obtain our distinctive, signature branding strategies.

Seeing the staff progress and learn is inspiring, and seeing them happy makes it all worth it.

Vincent Valentine

Founder & Owner

It’s not work, it’s fun and interesting. The office is like a second home and seeing what you have created grow is the best feeling in the world.

Chris Rowan

Managing Director & Owner

I can forge my passion for marketing & branding, dealing with so many different sectors & products.

Veronika Fazekas

Head of Marketing

After being here since day 1, it’s rewarding to watch our clients grow. The best part about a marketing agency is that you help others succeed.

César Sevilla

Head of Sales

I love the sense of fulfillment I get at the end of each day. I feel privileged to go to the same job, yet find something new to do & learn every time.

Stefana Tamasi

PA of Managing Director

I love how my job balances perfectly the two very opposite sides of my mind, flexibility and creativity, and structure.

Andréa R. Sousa

Project and Social Media Manager

My knowledge and experiences can shine with the support & creativity of the team.

Anja Bohinc Bojetú

Head of Media

What I love most about my job is that while other people go to boring meetings and do boring tasks, I get attend music events and stand up comedy shows. So I don’t even feel like I’m working!

Zsófia Szőke

Head of Events and Tourism

It’s encouraging to do what I love with people who feel the same about their jobs.

Alena Essina

Head of Design

I learn new things & develop my skills every day with so much passion that I don’t see the time go by.

Julia McConnell

Content Creator & Junior Designer

I’m able to grow and evolve what I know whist laughing my way through the day with our insanely talented team.

Lana Yasmin Kaka

Marketing Executive
& Content Creator

I love how supportive and collaborative the team is. Everyone is always generous with their information and willing to give a hand.

Augusto de Ezcurra

Marketing  & SEO Executive

I like that I get the create something tangible everyday and learn on the job.

Alex Ayres

Content Creator & Video Editor

I love my job at! It allows me to work in different areas and on multiple projects which keeps me engaged and creates a fast learning environment for me.

Sean McKinley

Junior Developer


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