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With more than 1 billion active users and 80% of the following at least one brand, it’s hard to ignore how important Instagram has become for business.  

However to make it big and achieve your desired results is challenging, with competition on mass and constantly changing features and algorithms, simply posting viral content with a good strategy just isn’t enough.

Our services will not only help you grow real, organic followers but you will experience engagement on a whole new level, ensuring you become your own influencer.

Our unique, advanced techniques target potential followers that match your requirements regarding interest, demographics, age and much more, exposing your business to your most relevant audience, regardless of your industry.

Why Instagram?

1 billion active users who spend on average 53 minutes per day on Instagram – there is no other place in the world to be seen by that many people for that length of time.

  • Instagram influences almost 75% of user purchase decisions.
  • 72% saying they have made fashion, beauty or style-related purchases after seeing something on Instagram.
  • 50% said Instagram was the social media platform that most influenced their shopping habits
  • 83% of users discovered new brands due to Instagram

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, the most used social media website and one of the most used websites in the world.

Who uses Instagram?

Age: 13 to 17 72% use Instagram
Age: 18 to 29 64% use Instagram
Age: 30 to 49 40% use Instagram
Age: 50 to 64 21% use Instagram
Age: 65+ 10% use Instagram
  • 1 billion users and the second most engaged social media platform after Facebook
  • 71% of the users are under 35 years
  • Instagram leans towards a much younger audience than that of Facebook, appealing to teens and young adults with its straightforward, photo-centric design and ease of use.
  • The platform also is more popular among women than men, with 39% of online women using Instagram vs. 30% of online men.

Instagram Location Demographics

Over 80% of Instagram’s user base resides outside of the US, with a few of the top countries including Brazil, India, and countries throughout Europe.

For US social media users, here is the breakdown of use by region

Urban areas use Instagram 42% use Instagram
Suburban areas use Instagram 34% use Instagram
Rural areas use Instagram 25% use Instagram
High school diploma or less 29% use Instagram
Some college experience 36% use Instagram
Graduated college 42% use Instagram
$30,000 to $49,999 Income 42% use Instagram
$50,000 to $74,999 Income 32% use Instagram
$75,000+ Income 42% use Instagram

What helps you grow on Instagram?

  • Posts with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement.
  • Posts with a location receive 79% more engagement.
  • The most liked post on Instagram has 53 million likes – the egg – showing the importance and brilliance of engaging with your followers.

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