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Time to Grow up or Get out! Social Media in 2018

Columnist Mark Traphagen suggests social media marketers can learn important lessons from what happened in search engine optimization. t’s always tempting to see the present moment as the peak of chaos and disruption, whether we’re talking about politics or just how those teenagers behave today. The same is true in marketing, because in many ways that profession is always in a state of chaos and disruption. But I don’t think it’s hyperbole to apply “peak chaos and disruption” to social media marketing in the first quarter of 2018. Let’s review just a few of the upheavals we’re experiencing right now in the social media world. Facebook news feed changes Sure, […]

Snapchat Adds more location-based ad targeting & new analytics tool

Advertisers can now target ads based on a radius around a specific geographic point or a location type; like a beach, a movie theater or a university. Snapchat is continuing its focus on location-based advertising initiatives. The app is rolling out three new ad tools today, two that include location-based targeting options and an in-store analytics tool that lets advertisers track traffic at their brick-and-mortar locations. Location categories Of the two new location-based ad features, the first is a location category filter. Advertisers can use it to target an audience based on location type — like a beach, a movie theater or a university. “For example, a swimsuit brand can reach Snapchatters […]